The Kinzie’s monthly gift helps provide critical tools for breast cancer diagnosis & treatment

Monthly Gifts make our community healthier and stronger.

Pam & George Kinzie joined the Monthly Giving Club 15 years ago when Pam was a member of the Collingwood G&M Hospital’s Board of Trustees. As a Board Member, Pam witnessed the impact made by gifts to the CGMH Foundation and wanted to give back in a way that would provide consistent support.

“I heard about the specific needs of the hospital first-hand and could really appreciate the results of the Foundation’s work. Recurring giving is convenient for us – it is easy to manage and our donations are made in a timely and consistent way, regardless of where we are. We are also confident that our donations are supporting the most urgent needs of the hospital.” – Pam Kinzie

The Kinzies look forward to supporting the CGMH Foundation as we raise funds for our first MRI Machine.

Our Monthly Giving Club is changing the way healthcare is delivered in South Georgian Bay.

They provide the hospital with the best tools to diagnose and treat patients. Tools like the Kubtec Xpert ® 20, a critical component in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Lindsey Gieseler, CGMH

According to Jamey Gilroy, Diagnostic Imaging Department Manager at CGMH, the Xpert 20 is used to x-ray a sample from a lump or an area of the breast with calcium deposits that cannot be felt, but are typically seen on a mammogram. These calcifications within the breast need to be sampled to determine if they are benign or an indication of cancer.

“We start by compressing the breast and as the x-ray tilts, we take a multitude of pictures in angles, allowing us to know exactly where the calcification is in the breast tissue, which is remarkable, given we are talking about samples the size of grains of salt”, says Gilroy.

Once they have the samples from the patient’s breast tissue, they are able to put them through the Xpert 20, and take the x-ray.

“The sample will come up on the screen and we can see whether those calcifications are in the sample, to confirm exactly what we’ve got. This machine makes a big difference for us to know whether we have the correct area of the biopsy and determine if the patient does have breast cancer”, explains Gilroy.

The Xpert 20 helps improve the patient experience by allowing our technologists to identify the most challenging and small calcifications within seconds. By significantly reducing the time patients have to spend under compression, we can alleviate patient anxiety.

The Xpert 20 is just one example of the type of equipment that the monthly giving club can fund. Steady, ongoing funds allow us to plan and allocate resources where they are needed most…like diagnosing and treating breast cancer.

When we make small gifts together we create big impact for care here in South Georgian Bay.

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