Thank you to our Tree of Life Supporters!

Tree of Life logo with image of illustrated trees with title that says 2023 Tree of Life donor list

We are so grateful to all of our donors who made a Tree of Life gift in 2023! Because of you, we will get our very first MRI machine at the Collingwood G&M Hospital (CGMH). Having an MRI machine at CGMH will be of great value for so many patients in our community by providing quality care close to home. Thank you for making it possible. Below is a list of some of the people who made Tree of Life gifts in 2023. We also honour those that remain anonymous. Thank you.


Sharon Aarden in memory of Willy Aarden

Mike Abercrombie

Mary Ann Acheson in honour of Dr. Cornell & staff

Patricia Adams in memory of Robin Adams

Trevor Adams in memory of Sandi Adams

Nora Adamson

Bill Aiken

Deborah Aikens

Carla Alexander

Douglas & Lynn Allan

Mary Allard in memory of Lou Allard

Dennis Allen in memory of Wolthera Allen

Keith & Marlene Allen

James & Susan Anderson

Joanne & Walter Anderson in honour of Dr. Quigg

Robert & Gillian Anderson

Lois Andrew

Sharon Annett

Evan Anthony

Heather Anthony

Kara Anthony

Robin & Malcolm Anthony

Joan & Rob Antler

Felix & Elizabeth Arcaro

Mary Armstrong

Peter C.J.  Armstrong

Ruth Armstrong

Morley & Sandra Arnason

Arnott Construction Ltd.

Arrell Family Foundation

Isabel Ashfield


Steen & Robyn Bach in memory of Howard & Betty Wagner

Ruth Balaban in memory of Ismail Balaban

Emily Ball

Jack Barber & The Eleanor Barber Charitable Gift Fund

John & Linda Barber

Stephen Bard

Norm & Joy Barr

Douglas  Barrett

Rod & Wendy Barrett

Barbara Bassett in memory of Mary Watson

The Erina/Batchelor Family in memory of Sam & Ruth Erina

Jim Bates in memory of my wife Joan Stone

Sue Bates & Jerry King

Eric & Patricia Baty

Joan Baulke in memory of John Morris Baulke

Larry Baulke in memory of Larraine Baulke

Thomas & Laurie Baulke in memory of Morris Baulke

Beach Builders Supplies Ltd.

Dr. & Mrs. William Bearance

Loraine & Andy Beaudoin

In honour of Dr. Cornell, ER Dept, Anne & Anna

Helen & Bob Belanger

Kenneth & Teresa Bell

Marjorie Bell

Anna Benedict in honour of Deanna Benedicts

jenn Beresfor in honour of Tyler Yawney

Kathy & Michael Bernardi

Peter & Karin Berney

Bert & Joyce Bertolo in honour of Dr. Koo & Dr. Singh

Lee Bertouche in memory of Les Bertouche

Ray & Debbie Berube in memory of Zoey Hope Russell-Lamondin

Alex & Sharon Besse in memory of Alan Besse

Nick Best & Patricia Dunbar

Glenda Bigelow in honour of Staff of the G&M Hospital for caring for us!

Peggy & Paul Biggin in honour of roy & Raffi Whiston

Alinda & Arthur Bishop

Doris Bishop in memory of Christopher Bishop

George & Beth Black in honour of our five grandchildren

Beverley & Jean-Claude Blais

Bill & Sue Boadway

Donald & Bette Boake

Shirley Boake in memory of W. Peter Boake

Bob Jarman Enterprises

Bob & Sue Bogardis

Cathy Bongard & David Pitfield

Robert & Carolyn Booth

Maria, Sean , Sam & Adriana Ainley

Mike & Mari Ann Botting

Iona Boucher in memory of Lloyd Boucher

Bourgard Family in memory of Garry Bourgard

Dr. Mary Beth Bourne in memory of Brettany Biggs

Susan Bowles in memory of Ted & Grace Bowles

Al & Lynne Bowman

Ann & Phil Bowman

John & Judy Bowman

Marly Brandon in memory of John Brandon

F. J. Breithaupt

Nancy & Doug Brenner

Mary Brereton

J. Paul Brisbois in memory of Peter Boake & John Malowney

Sharon Bristow in memory of Russell & Marie Bristow

Edith Brndjar-Trott

Aislynn Brown in memory of Inez Martyn

Bobbie & Doug Brown

Ken & Sandra Brown

Wendy Brown in memory of John Cameron

Doug & Helen Bryce

Peter Bryce & Heather Stuart-Bryce

Julie & Randy Buckley

Lorraine Bull

Susan Bumstead

Patricia Bunn

Janet Burland

Beverley Burman

Rose Marie Burns in memory of Albert M. Burns

David & Janis Burton

Dennis & Sharon Butcher

Wayne & Betty Butters in memory of George & Goldie Butters, Wilf & Nellie Bell, Ken Astill & Mike Cain

Peter Buzzi


Paul Caddo in memory of Ed & Mary Caddo

James & Roxy Cairncross

John & Wendy Callaghan

David Cameron in memory of Mary Cameron

Joseph & Doris Camilleri in memory of our Parents

Bob & Betty Campbell

Krista & Dave Campbell in memory of Murray Thompson

Marc & Cyndy Campbell

Sharon Campbell in memory of Betty & Ray Bartlett

John & Shelagh Campo

Linda & Bruce Carmichael in memory of Cheryl Lockhart

Brent & Mary Ann Carruthers

Rosemarie Carruthers

James & Cathy Carscadden

May Yam & Dr. Mike Carstensen

John & Nathalie Carswell

Tom & Louise Carter

Peter & Nancy Case

Jim Catton

Gary & Lois Cauthers in memory of Inez Martyn

Yvonne Caves in memory of Ellis “Eli” Caves

Katherine Chana

Bart Chapman

Bob & Janice Chapman

Robert & Agnes Charlton

Tom & Marilyn Chisholm

Alfred Christiansen

Jennifer & Stephen Christie

Rachelle Ciotka in honour of Susan Marion Morley

Teresa Clayton in memory of Bernard & Nancy Melenhorst

Keith & Deborah Clemens in memory of Norman Bull

Joan Clements in memory of Rev. Alexander & Agnes Clements

Claude & Cora Clouthier

Glen & Jean Coe in memory of Donna Coe

June Coffin in memory of  Raymond Coffin

Allan & Eula Coleclough

Allen & Elaine Collings in memory of Edward, Betty, Murray & Sabrina Spicher

Collingwood Bridge Club

Collingwood Lawn Aeration Service Limited

Collingwood Shipwreck Hockey Team

Carol Comish in memory of Bob Comish

Sandra Conn

Bertha Connolly

Bob & Betty-Jean Cook

Jenny Cook in memory of William Cook

John & Shirley Ann Cook

Velma Cook in memory of Finlay H. Cook

Peter & Frannie Coolican

Len & Barb Coolich in memory of Ann Marie Potton

Phillip Cooper

Ivor & Christine Corbett

Marian Cormick

Jason & Jenna Cowan

Nancy Crawford

Bianca Creek & Eugene Kelly

David Crevier in memory of Marlene Crevier

Glenn Crevier in memory of Marlene Crevier

The Crevier Family in memory of Lillian Crevier

Janet Cubitt in memory of Eldon J. Cubitt

Martine Culham in memory of my late husband Douglas Culham

Maria & John Cumming

Harriet & Gordon Cummings

Sandy & Joanne Cunningham

Elaine Currie in memory of my husband Alex Currie

Gloria Currie in memory of Ross Currie

Janet Currie & Tim Knorr in memory of Alex Currie

Nancy & George Czerny


Virlie Dainty in memory of Daphne McCullough

Rick & Gayle Dale

Dan Gibson Productions Ltd.

The Dance Family in honour of Bill & Fran Dance

John Danson

Diane Danylchuk

Mavis Danylchuk in memory of Walter Danylchuk

Paul & Mary Darby in memory of Jim & Lois Darby

Roy & Annette Davey

Al & Pat Davidson

Bryan Davies

Roy & Bonnie Dawn

Frank & Diann De Graaf

Maxine de Gruijter in memory of my mother Frances Griesbach, RN

Carol De Winter in memory of Margaret Black

Isobel Deacon

Ken Dean in memory of Shawn Dean

Deans Carpet One Floor & Home in memory of Dean Lougheed

Lorraine Deline in memory of Craig Johnston

Dan & Marilyn Della Rossa in honour of Dr. Koo

Patricia & Mike Della-Vedova in memory of John & Jessie Dobbie

Mary Anne &  Brian Denney

Paul Dennis

Peter & Paulette Dennis

Donald & Vivian Deswiage

Dr. Karen Devereux

Michael & Ingrid Dick

George & Heather Dickson

Sandra Dickson

Cameron Dillabough

William Dinwoodie

Gladys Dobberthein

Lorraine McDonald & Jim Dobson

Wayne & Ruth Dobson

Julie Doldersum in honour of Ralph & Mary Doldersum

The Robert & Margaret Donaldson Family Foundation

Ted & Suzanne Donohoe

William & Lorraine Douglas

Dowling Recreational Resort Inc.

Jane Doyle in memory of my wonderful husband Patrick Doyle

Beverly Drexler

Jack & Susan Duffy in honour of  Matthew Weisbrod & his staff

Ron Duke in honour of Dr. Koo & Dr. Cheng

Fred & Wendy Dunlop in honour of Nurse Susan Dunlop Irwin

Valerie Dyer

Thomas & Patricia Dyson


Della Eagles

Sandra & Gerald Eagles

Eagles Weed Control & Lawn Service

Laila Eap in honour of Sean Andrade & the EVS Team

Patricia East in memory of Ruth Kingsmill

Susan Eck in memory of my dearly departed brother William E Eck – I thank all of the Doctors & Nurses

Bronwen Edgar in memory of Bonnie Edgar

Richard Edwards

Anita Ehmueller in memory of Henry Ehmueller

Annie Eleveld

Dr. W.D. & Gail Ellis in memory of Margaret & Stuart Ellis

Doug & Mary-Ann Ellsworth in memory of Allan Wellman

Pat Elson in memory of Larry & Jim Sinclair

Robert & Barbara Elwood

Anne, Chris, Amanda & Boys in loving memory of Roy & Tammy Emerton

Jean & Paul Emond

Wilfred Estey

John Eversfield

Jim & Sheila Ewing


Peter & Liisa Farrugia in memory of Norm Bull

Louise Fast

Connie Fawcett & Family in loving memory of Robert Fawcett

Lindsay & Traudi Fawcett in memory of Adam James Fawcett

Lindsay & Traudi Fawcett in memory of Piers Lesser

Featherson Charitable Foundation

David Featherstone

DJ Fennessy in memory of Patricia Fennessy

Bryan & Maxine Ferguson in memory of JoAnne Dodd

Harold & Heather Ferguson

Marjorie Ferguson in memory of Jim Ferguson & Dylon Robinson

Marg Fielding in memory of Gary Fielding

Robin & Stephanie Fillingham

Warren & Bonnie Finlay

In memory of my parents Antonio & Giuseppina Fiori

Robert & Anne Fisher

Kathy Fitzgerald in memory of Doug Wilson

Irma Flack

Robert & Julie Flack

Rose Flanagan in memory of Mrs. Petrina German

George & Elizabeth Fleming

James Foley

Margaret Fontanna in memory of Erman Fontanna

Robert Ford

Liz Fornasier

Freda & Leslie Foster

Marion Foubert in memory of Louis & Jeannie Foubert

Paul, Darlene & Gavin Fox in memory of Tom & Lorraine Fox

Hugh Franklin in memory of Isobel Franklin

Robert & Karen Franklin

Sonya Franks in memory of Leona Knott

Sandy & Allan Fraser in memory of our son Peter, always in our hearts.

Doug & Bonnie French in memory of Susan

Carina Frenette

Betsy Freudeman & family in memory of John Freudeman

Dr. Leon Freudman in memory of Nathan Freudman

Ingrid Frey

Mary Fritz in memory of my parents

Janet & Ken Frizell in memory of Carl Abbey

Gordon & Catherine Fuller


Heather & Chris Gallupe

John & Ruth Gammell in memory of Duncan & Mae McIntyre

Bill Ganter

Emily Garback in honour of Brian & Elaine Garback

Starr & Doug Garbutt in memory of Brandon Douglas Willette

Dave & Pat Garner

Paul Gartlan in memory of Ethel Gartlan

Mike & Elaine Garvey

Terry & Carolyn Gates

Heinz & Marianne Gawlytta

Jonas Genys

GFS Partnership

Jalna Gibb

Deborah Gibson

June Gibosn in memory of Brian Gibson

Laurel Gibson in memory of Ashley Gibson

Ted Gibson in memory of Janet Gibson

Jack & Fay Gieg

Donna Gill

Gail Gill in memory of William Gill

Jacqueline, Jenny, Jessica & Granny in honour of Dr. Quigg

Jamey Gilroy in honour of the CGMH DI Team, Registarion staff & Radiologists

Gerry Giovanelli in memory of my wife Jean

Don & Dorothy Glen in memory of Alex Taylor

Marcia Goldstein in memory of Norm Bull

Eric Goode & Judy Farnbomb

Barry Goodwin

Gayle Gordon in memory of John Gordon, Russell, Ida & Betty Halliday

Kurt & Helga Gorol

Basdeo Gosine in memory of  Ramdai Gosine

Barb & Barney Gotuaco

John Gowing

June Graham in memory of Donald Graham

Garry & Mary Grant

Joan Grant

Doris Greenfiled in honour of Elaine Beard

Paul Greeniaus in honour of Virginia Greeniaus

Peter & Jeanette Gribbin

Joyce Grosset

Hans & Ursula Gruber in honour of Dr. Cheng

Jane Gyles in memory of Cedric Gyles


Guenter & Heide Haessler

Barbara & Larry Hall

Rick & Mary Ellen Hall

Ruth & Terry Hall in memory of Flossie & Albert Hall

Bob Hamilton in memory of Heather Hamilton

Stu & JoAnn Hamilton in memory of the Nanas & Papas

Wayne & Donna Hammill in memory of Dan & Scott Hammill

Bonnie Hammond in memory of Michael Hammond

Jeff & Lisa Hare & family in memory of  Pete Jerry

Karen Hare in memory of Don & Calvin Hare

Edward Harris in memory of my loving wife Eleanor

Elizabeth Harris in memory of Peter John Harris Past President OHA

Jay & Janet Harris

Ronald Harrison

Bruce & Lynn Hart in loving memory of “The Mums “Marguerite Cooper & Geraldine Hart”

Gillian Hartley in memory of Ron & Greg Hartley

June Hartley in memory of Ron & Greg Hartley

Phil & Nancy Havens

The Hawker family in memory of Borg Jensen

Danae I. Hawkins

Dunc & Sharie Hawkins

John & Pamela Healey

Marshall & Cornelia Heatherington

John & Margaret Henderson in memory of Michael Yates

Tony & Niqué Hendrie

Klaus & Helga Hensel in memory of Norbert Hensel

Patricia Hentsch in memory of Erhard Hentsch

Christine Hewitt in memory of Marg & Doug Weber

Brian & Wendy Hickey

Dennis Hicks in Honour of the Doctors & Nurses in “EMERG”

Highland Fuels Dundalk Ltd.

Sheldon Hildebrand

John V Hill

Nigel & Donna Hilliard in memory of our parents

Elaine Hillman in memory of Bruce Hillman

Andy & Barbara Hims

John & Susan Hindle

Annegret Hinterleuthner in memory of my husband Hans Hinterleuthner

Anne Hochkirchen

Larry & Janet Hogarth

Bob & Bonnie Holden

David & Judy Holmes

Harold Hopf & Francine Van Melle

Betty Horne

Greta Horton in memory of my husband Ken Horton

Lois Hough in memory of Calvin Hough

J. Howden

Dorothy Howell

Catherine Howlett in memory of Frank Howlett

Carolyn Hubbard

Cathleen & George Hughes

Faith Hughes in memory of Rodger & Nancy Gillies

Ken & Marlene Hulton

Ken & Cathy Hume

David & Rosanna Humenny

Elizabeth J. Hunter in memory of my husband Gib Hunter

Marilynn Hutchison in memory of  the “Old Buzzard”

Norah Catherine Huycke in memory of Frederick Huycke

Robert & Cathie Hyland


Barbara Ibbitson & Bill Bannerman

Gerald & Judith Imrie

Grant & Jane Inglis

Rick Ingram in memory of Frank & Mary Ingram

Kristian & Margaret Isberg & The Isberg Charitable Trust


Cathy & Don Jaques

Ellen Jarman

William & Gladys Jarvis Foundation Trust

Joe & Gail Jaseliunas

Barb Jerry in memory of Elwood  “Pete” Jerry

Ron & Penny Jerry

Randall & Gail Johns in memory of Edward & Betty Spicher

Bob & Sandra Johnson

William & Myrna Johnson

Jake Johnston in memory of Valerie Johnston

Dilys Jones

Duncan & Robyn Jones

Bill Joyce


Stella Karas in honour of Dr. Caroline Bowman & in memory of Ted Karas

Zoltan & Christine Kasinets

Lee & Sue Kea in memory of Ken & Helen Wilson

Garry & Betty Keating in memory of Archie & Doreen Jerry

Sue-Ann Keefe

Brian & Susan Keegan

Peter & Lynne Kemp in honour of Dr. Quigg

Jo-Anne & John Kennedy

Robert & Marilyn Kent

Ronald Kerr

Oscar Kerrebyn in memory of Joan Brough-Kerrebyn

The Kershaw Family in memory of Ron Kershaw

Brenda Keys in honour of Maxine  Bohaker

John & Patricia Keyser in memory of David Keyser

Kim Dadswell Denture Clinic

William King in honour of  Michael King & family

Vlado Kireta

Kitchen Food Fair

David Klebanoff & Barbara Franchetto

Frances Klugman

Evelyn Knappett in memory of John Knappett

Marilyn Knowles in memory of Henry Knowles

Murray & Dawna Knowles

Barry Knox

Klaus & Renate Koenig

James Kofman

Daniel Kolber in memory of Jacqueline Kolber

N)-saw signs on RR Wasaga Beach-for MRI

Jan & Nick Kouwen

James Kutcy

Sharyn Kutcy in memory of Dr. Robert Kutcy


Jane Lack in memory of Michael Zephyr Harris

Murray & Sandra Lackie

Lafreniere Auto Sales

Thomas & Louise Lailey

Michael Laine

Julie Lakin in memory of Dr. F. Henry Lakin

Mildred Lambe in honour of Shelley & Michael Polletterio

Mary Lamont in memory of my husband Graham

Cheryl Hooey-AL

Laurel & John Moore in memory of Dr. Hans Harlos

Jacob Langer & Ferne Sherkin-Langer

Don & Betty Langford in memory of Morris Baulke

Laureate Epsilon PI Beta Sigma Phi in memory of Diane Chestnut, Jeannie Foley, Kathy Biss, Penny Preston & Barb Weider

Phil & Loretta Lavell

Cathy Lavers in memory of Allan Lavers

Martha Lawrence

Carolyn Lazenby in memory of Don Lazenby

Robert & Janeen Leal in memory of Annie Leal

Robert & Janeen Leal in memory of Irene & John Scott

L.P. Lefebvre

Ker & Debra Leggatt

Bruce & Gretta Leighton in memory of Keith Leighton

Barrie & Marry Lennox in honour of Bob Clark

Barrie & Mary Lennox in honour of Dr. Lisi & his Team

Ruth LeRoy in memory of George LeRoy

Robert Warren & Kathryn Lescard

Bill & Jane Lewis

Dave & Sharon Lewis Charitable Fund

Dennis & Merle Lewis in honour of Dr. Akinyele, Dr. Wells & Dr. O’Halloran

Robert Lewis

Lyn Leyland

Don & Deborah Catto

Linton Whitton Group


Kaz Lippert

Yvonne Livingston in memory of Douglas

Steve & Patti Livingstone in memory of David Patterson

Patricia Loblaw in memory of Edna “Mary” Gummer

Lynn Lockhart in memory of Marlene Crevier & Wayne Ferguson & Lilian Crevier

Lars & Monica Londen

Ed & Lynda Long

Wes Long

David & Christine Looker

Robert & Patricia Lord

Donna Lowe in memory of Don Lowe

The Lowry Family


Allister MacDonald in memory of Violette MacDonald

Elke Mack in memory of Liselotte & Richard Geue

Jacqueline & David MacKenzie

Peter MacKenzie & Kate Zeidler

Pat MacKeracher in memory of Alexandra Paul

Stephen Dent & Janet MacLaren

Samuel & Marie MacLure

Sheila MacNaughton in memory of Zina Amey

William Stensson & Jennifer MacNaughton

Maureen MacQuarrie & Peter Foulds

Victoria MacRae In honour of all the Doctors & Nurses

Muriel MacTaggart in memory of Ian MacTaggart

Giovanni & Diva Maggiolo in memory of Lorella Maggiolo

Richard & Agnes Mailloux

Fraser & Judy Main in memory of Gwen ,Del & Mark Duffin

James & Valarie Makela

John & Ina Makin

Thea & Edward Mallet

Manito Shrine Club

Bill & Barbara Mann

MapleWood Foundation

Alan & Ilana Markowitz in honour of all of the wonderul Doctors, Nurses, & Staff in the ER at CGMH

Alan & Ilana Markowitz in honour of Dr. Murray Miller & the DI Team

Marilyn McEachern in loving memory of my parents R.D. & Jessie McEachern & my nephew Kim Hampson

E.L. Martens

Bob & Kathy Martin

Valerie & Martin Maslin

David & Joan Matthews in memory of Graham Matthews

Peter Matthews in memory of Sandra Matthews

Rita & Elton Matthews

Cindy & Tom McAuley in memory of Gwen Duffin

Nora McCaffrey

Kim McCarthy

Denise & Bryon McCay

Robert McClay

Karen McConnell in memory of Steven Oliphant

Dave McCoy & Marja Anderson

Sandra J. McDermid in memory of Alex, Alice, Allan, Ann & Sandra E. McDermid

Beverley McDonald in memory of Peter McDonald

Doreen McDonald in memory of James McDonald

Patti McFarlane

Fiona McGaw

Cam & Leslie McKay

Dr. & Beckie McLachlin in honour of Bud & Sue Christensen

Allan & Doreen McLean in memory of Leonard & Pearl Roberts

Doug & Alice-Faye McLean in memory of Olivia Wagner

Jack & Ann McLean

Kathryn McLean in honour of Dr. Peter Wells

Sandra & Robert McLean

C.E. McMahon Professional Corporation

Wayne & Lyndell McNabb

Robert McNeil

John & Dagmar McNichol

Lynda & Dougald McNicol

Dorothy McQueen in memory of Gordon McQueen

Doug & Irene McQueen in honour of All Medical Staff

Meeser Forestry Services Limit

Jean Meighan in memory of James Meighan

Toos Melenhorst in memory of Nancy & Ben Melenhorst

Joan Meleskie

Vic & Donna Menage

Len & Monica Menecola

Monica Merz

Trevor & Theresa Metcalfe

Doug & Lynn Metheral

Neil & Jean Metheral in honour of Jessica Metheral & Dr. Alex Pearce

Ray & Carol Mickevicius in memory of Inez Martyn

John Millar

Dr. John Miller

John & Janis Miller

Mary & Mike Miller

Mary Miller in memory of Bob Miller

Ken & Judy Milley in memory of Brink & Bessie Arnold

Bob & Lynn Mills

Andy Millsap & Jill Ruppert

David & Corrie Millsap

Charlie Milne

Joyce Missett in memory of John Missett

Robert & Marsha Mitchell

Deborah Mobbs

Paul & Ann Moloughney

Lou Montana

Paul Montgomery & Yvonne Taylor

Frank & Angie Morgan

Margaret Morphet in memory of Bob Morphet

Lorraine Morrill

Darlene Morrison

Marion Morrison in memory of Thomas Morrison

Marlene Morrison

Darren Larsen & Janet Morse

Doug,Kim, Shannon & Amy Morton in honour of Jean Morton

Arnold & Anne Morwood

Klaus & Donna Muller

Patty Mulligan

Gwen Mullin in memory of Elmer Mullin

In honour of Dr. Kate Shield’s birthday

Thomas Murdison

Francis Murphy

Orest Muz


John & Carole Nell

Herbert & Danuta Niepalla in honour of Dr. Lisi, Dr. Matte, Dr. Gencarelli, Dr. Marshall, & Dr. Anne Josiukas

Ain & Viivi Niitsoo

Thomas Nimmo

Paul & Sadie Nixon

Gary & Tina Norman

Norris Family

Sharon North

Carolyn Nunn

Waltraut Nydam


C.E. O’Brien Corporation

Dr. Jim O’Brien DDS & Dianne Nixon

Ralph & Patricia O’Connor in memory of Jean Currie

Harry & Pegi O’Halloran in memory of Margaret & Peter O’Halloran

Dr. David Ohrling in honour of the CGMH OR Nurses

Robert & Nora Oldfield

Veronica Onyskiw & Jim Pulcine

Barbara Osinski

Eleanor Osler

Gunter & Katherin Ott


Gordon & Anne Palin

Orneva Pardy

Don Parkes in memory of Gary Potts

Donald & Gwynneth Parkinson

Grant Parsons, C.A.

Lauree & Bill Patrick

Doug & Lesley Paul in memory of Joan Paul

Dr. Don Paul in memory of Joan Paul

Richard & Traute Peever

George & Joan Pengelley

Donald Perry in memory of Elvera Perry

David & Barbara Peters

Anne Petitjean

Richard Phillips

Ron & Barb Picot in memory of Ina & Rye Picot

John & Claudia Pierpoint in memory of Palmira Ortepi

Margaret & Norm Pirk

Priit & Maureen Pirso

Pitman Family Corporation

Glenn & Arlene Placido

Brenda & Keith Plater

John & Suzanne Pollemans

Helen Poores

Leslie Porteous

Joan Porter

June Porter in memory of David Porter

Ray Porter

Kestutis & Marija Poskus

Maureen & George Potton in memory of Chris Farr & Jean van Benthem

Ivar & Jane Poulsen

Andrew & Carthryn Poulton in honour of Dr. Quigg

Diane Powell in memory of Morley Powell

Peter & Rita Premich in memory of our parents & siblings whom we continue to miss dearly

Penny Preston in memory of Bob Preston

John & Carol Pretty

Patricia Price in memory of Jim Price

Jory & Doug Kerr in memory of Ross & Audrey Pritchard

Jory Pritchard- Kerr thank you to everyone who saved my son’s life in 2005

Lyle Prowse

Stephen Z. Prpic

Gary Prucha & Joni Swallow-Prucha in honour of Dr. Cornell

Ernie & Margaret Purkis


Liz Quanbury

Blair & Lynn Quesnel in honour of all the hard working staff

Dr. Mark Quigg & Dr. Alaine Debono

Jim & Sheila Quirk


David Rae in memory of Julie Rae

Betty Ann Randall & family in memory of Terry Randall

Barbara Rawn

Thomas Rawn in memory of Sharon Rawn

John & Barbara Ready

Alf & Alice Redpath

Mae Reed

Barb & Harry Reid

June Reid in memory of my husband Geoff Reid

Patricia Reid in honour of Kathy & Scott Taylor, Leslie Thompson & Shelagh Wilson

Paul & Karen Reid in memory of my parents Bill & Margie Kirkwood & my brother Bob Kirkwood

Robert Reid in memory of Josephine Reid

Retired Women Teachers of Ontario-Blue Mountain Branch

Elizabeth Rice in memory of Richard Rice

Don & Sharon Rich

Lynda Richardson

Barry & Marla Richler in honour of Krysia Piorczynski

Beth & Jeff Richmond

Jim Ritchie in memory of Amy Ritchie

Marlene Roberts in memory of Graham Roberts

Joye Robertson in memory of my husband Stewart Robertson

Barbara Robinson

The Robinsons

John & Jackie Robson

Rockside Campbell Design Company Inc. in honour of Rockside Clients

Keith Rodger

Paul Rodgers

Marguerite Rodrigues in memory of Charles Rodrigues

Lorraine Roest

Bill Rogers

Shelley Rogers

Russel Roode

Judith Rosen

Judy & Red Ross

Sue Ann Rothwell

Edward & Linda Rowe

Stephanie Rusnak in memory of Fred Rusnack

Boyd & Phyllis Russell in memory of Kevin Pilkington

Elwin & Jo-Anne Russell in memory of Mary Ann & Bert Bendell


Norm & Debbie Sampson in memory of Margaret Allen

Jane Sandell in memory of Tom Sandell

Camilla Sanelli in memory of Bob Sanelli

Mary Jane & Enzo Santori

Doris Saunders in memory of Dr. Jack A. Saunders

John & Carol Saunders

William & Meredith Saunderson

Al & Linda Sausik

Scenic Caves Nature Adventures-Nordic Centre

Dr. Ted Schipper, Collingwood Orthodontics in appreciation of all the local dentists

Maria Schmid & family in memory of A. Lock & H. Schmid

Marilyn Schneider in memory of Beatrice & Wilfred Campbell

Bob & Pat Scott in memory of Jean van Benthem

Jamie & Leslie Dougall in honour of all CGMH Staff

Joel & Tammy Seigel in honour of Murray & Andre Dell & Kari Payne & Tom Vincent

Harold Sencar in memory of Liz Sencar

Sentient Holdings Inc.

Ken & Leaf Seto

Kathryn Sewell in memory of Ian Sewell

Joseph Shaughnessy in honour of Dr. Quigg

Sarah, Joseph & William Shaughnessy in honour of Dr. Quigg, Nurse Jenny, Jaqueline & the rest of your supporting cast for your tireless care, professionalism & commitment to the health of people of our community

Edward Morris Shaw

Alison Sheffer in loving memory of my Mom

Sharon Sheffer in memory of my husband George Sheffer

Jane Shepherd in memory of my dad Harold Zukerman

Marvin & Carole Sherkin

Patty Shields in memory of Mary & William Brown

Barbara & Rob Shorrock

Michael & Jill Shulman

Andrew & Regina Sileika

Pearl Simmons & Family in memory of John Simmons

Jim Simpson

Steve & Gail Simpson

Jacquie Sims in memory of David Sims

Susan & Gary Siskind

Glendene Sivers English in memory of John English

Peggy Slama

David & Kathryn Sled in honour of Dr. Michael Lewin

Mike & Dianna Smart

Anthony Smith in memory of Jeannette Smith

Dave & Barb Smith

“Don & Carolyn Smith           “

Doug & Sheila Smith

E. Jane Smith

Jane Smith in honour of Dr. Anne Engell

Joan Smith

Jody, Devon, Lindsay, Jeff, Jamie & Lauren Smith in memory of Rob Smith

Larry & Helen Smith in memory of Harry & Florence Smith, Clarence & Dorothy Stephenson

Sharon Smith

The Smith Family in memory of Betty Adlington

Barbara & Ralph Sneyd

Pat & Chris Snyder

Eddie & Nancy Sokoloff in honour of friends & family

Lloyd & Marilyn Somerville in memory of Burton Somerville

Sone Family in honour of the great front-line workers

Claire Sosnowski

Jan Sparling, Josh Luke & Grandkids in memory of Fred Sparling

Doris Sproule in memory of Fred Sproule

Jaromir & Magdalena Srom in memory of Emilio Nella

James Stacey

Bill & Marilyn Stapleton

Fred & Shirley Stephenson in memory of Clarence &  Dorothy Stephenson, Alice Parkes & Bill Parkes, Robert C. & Ricki Thompson, Dave Chessell, & Jim Lambe

Sue & Bryan Stephenson in memory of John & Audrey Ketemer

Tom & Joanne Stephenson

Trish Stevenson in honour of Jill Stevenson

Irene Stewart

Jill & Walter Stewart

William & Barbara Stewart in memory of John & Marjorie Stewart & Family

Marla Mahar & Russell Stoesser

Donna & Rino Stradiotto

William & Catherine Styles

Wm Sutton

Peggy & Allan Swan

The Swantons

Alan Swick


Ray & Marge Tanguay

Doug Tate in memory of Susan Tate

Louise Tatham

JD Tattle Family Foundation

Agatha Tawaststjerna

Greg & Helen Taylor in honour of Sadie Nixon

Kenneth & Brenda Taylor

Kent & Diane Taylor

Nigel & Janet Taylor

Dr. Joseph Telch

Terra Brook Homes

James & Mary Tetzner

Keith & Nancy Thatcher in memory of Walter Borthwick

The Chipper Fresh Cut Fries Inc.

The Simcoe Free Church

William & Beverly Thomas

Derek Thompson

Howard & Kathy Thompson

Jean Thompson

Shirley E. Thompson in memory of Gordon Thompson

Barbara Tilander

Cathy Tile in memory of Howard Tile

The John and Victoria Tremayne Family Foundation

Tricco Family in memory of Walter Tricco & Jim Tricco

Steven & Line Troster

Joan Truemner

Dr. George trusler in memory of Geordie Trusler

Morris & Carol Tymchuk in memory of Scott Edwards


Bev Underhill in memory of Warren Underhill


Neil & Rena Vail

Paul & Edina Van Staveren

Jo-Anne Vanvolkingburgh

Joan & Ron Varley

Joe’s duplicate Bridge Group in memory of Carol Vasey

Marty & Deborah Viires in memory of Ted Karas

Maria Vilaca

The Begg & Viner Families

Ivars & Valda Vitols

Robert Vogel

Matthew Vorstermans


Patricia Wadland, Sofie & John Winkels in memory of Albert Winkels

Jane Walcroft

Blake & Rita Wallace in memory of our friend Bob MacMaster

The Wansbrough Family in memory of Sandy Wansbrough

Gary & Sylvia Ward

Jay & Ginny Warrener

Wasaga Meadows Home Owners’ Association

Louise Watt in memory of Marjorie C. Beattie.

Rex & Joan Waylen

Wayne Spears Electric Ltd.

Ingrid Wegner

George Weider, Michael, Kate, Hannah, Sophie & Cece Weider in memory of Joseph Marik

Cathy & Jack Weingust in memory of Lionel Gottlieb

June Wellman in memory of Lawrence Allan Wellman

Hank Wells in memory of Helen & Susan Wells

Patricia Wensley in memory of Brian Wensley

Rev. Deacon Dave Whall in memory of Rita Whall

Maureen White

Rosemary White in memory of Donald White

Ron & Sandy Whiteside

Richard & Diana Whiting

Tom & Vikki Whyte  in memory of Garth Sutherland

Tom & Vikki Whyte  in memory of Mary Ellen Tomporowski

Bob & Donna Wickham

Wietse & Corrie Van Dolder & Family Charitable Foundation

Janet Wilkinson in memory of Pat & Jack Scott

Collingwood Hockey Lads

Marti & Michael Williams in memory of Barbara & Cedric Gyles

Jim & Nadine Williamson

Gary & Doris Willis

Joyce Willison in memory of Charles Willison

Bob & Diane Wills

Brian & Barb Wilson in memory of Jim & Mona Wilson & Ted & Emma Rogers

Cheryl Wilson in loving memory of Helen Wilson, Mom & Nurse extraordinaire

Dr. David & Marilyn Wilson

Kay Wilson in memory of my late husband Robert Wilson

Scott & Kathy Wilton

Norman & Bernice Wingrove in memory of Winnifred & Shirley Robertson & Eli Scardaoni

Germey Wiseman in memory of my wife Pauline

Larry Wismer in memory of Bernice Wismer

Irene Wojdon

Lynda Woon

Worth Manufacturing in memory of Jim Eberhardt

Shelby Worts in honour of Tara Gignac

David & Mary Wright

Doris Wright in memory of Blair Wright & Carol Wyant, Len & Muriel Moreau

Elsbeth Wright

Jamie & Connie Wright in memory of Phil Stevenson

Janet & Lance Wright

David & Corinne Wyant


Ed Yablonski

Pat Yeager in memory of Geoffrey H. Giddins

Marilyn & Richard Young

Marjorie & Clarence Young in memory of Denise Young

Michael & Elizabeth Young


Roger Zeggil in memory of Wilma Zeggil

Dr. Rosalind Zucker

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