Ledge Leadership

Ledge Leadership helps people learn to lead relationally and share power, focused on providing programs for young adults (ages 18-30) to enhance their whole person well-being and develop their capacity to lead. They also work to impact the systems and settings in which young people live, work, and learn.

Funding from the Wellness Innovation Fund was used to create a focus group of young adults with the goal of helping young adult participants to:

  1. Work to reduce the risk of mental illness and addiction by providing self-leadership practices and a safe place to process loss and uncertainty.
  2. Expand and develop communication and relational skills needed in the workplace
  3. Provide space to process the limitations and challenges experienced during COVID-19.
  4. Bring more clarity to making life transitions such as school & career.

The work of the focus group resulted in publication of a white paper. This has allowed Ledge Leadership to work with community partners such as Georgian College. Groups are now working collectively to:

Increase the effectiveness of current and future programs for young adults

Provide future employment opportunities for young adults

Expand current youth programs to offer young adult support

Bring young adults into places of influence and contribution in their organization

Inform and further shape the local workplace culture to be an equitable and vibrant system for young adults

Develop a co-curricular program with Georgian College

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