Collingwood Hospital Foundation raises $475k at Into the Woods Event

The Collingwood Hospital Foundation raised over $475,000 at their signature event, Into the Woods, in an effort to fund a much-needed CT Scanner for the Collingwood G&M Hospital.

An exclusive event, Into the Woods brought together a dynamic group of individuals, who are passionate about supporting the CGMH and the future of healthcare in South Georgian Bay. It was an inspiring evening of philanthropy, community, and celebration.

Sue Little, a Foundation Donor featured in fundraising video, photo by Jess Crandlemire

“Raising these funds means that our physicians will have the tools they need to care for our patients”, says Jory Pritchard-Kerr, Collingwood Hospital Foundation President & CEO, “A new CT Scanner is only possible through the generous support of our community – for whom we are so incredibly grateful. Thank you to all that made this event possible.”

Event guests Shari Robinson and Carl Michener, photo by Jess Crandlemire

With title sponsor Collingwood Whisky and illuminate sponsor Huronia Alarms, this event hosted over 300 supporters of the Hospital Foundation. Held at the GNE Fairgrounds, the “Cabin in the Woods” was magically transformed, bringing the outdoors in, with tall spruce trees and projected light displays that cycled through the 4 seasons, ending the evening with a vibrant display of the Aurora Borealis. CGMH’s Dr. Lisi, Chief of Staff, and Dr. Miller, Chief of Radiology, spoke to the guests about the need for the new CT Scanner. “We bought our current scanner in 2012 to meet the need of 6.5k scans a year”, says Dr. Miller, “We are now up over 11k scans per year”.

CGMH currently relies heavily on the CT scanner as the best available diagnostic option for things like cancer, heart disease, internal bleeding, bone, and joint problems, and so much more. Helping diagnose over 10,000 patients annually, the current CT scanner has reached the end of its useful lifespan. Since 2017, CGMH has seen wait times grow by 30% due to an increased demand as well as an increase in maintenance and repairs to try and keep up. To bring the best possible Diagnostic Imaging technology to South Georgian Bay, the Foundation has launched a $2.15 million campaign to cover the capital costs for the CT scanner replacement and installation.

The Hospital Foundation would like you to consider supporting CGMH with a faster, more advanced CT Scanner that will help reduce wait times and ensure quality care close to home.

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