Gratitude can make an impact at the Collingwood Hospital Foundation

This month, Canada is celebrating both National Doctors Day and Nurses Week, a time to recognize the extraordinary work done by healthcare professionals. For two years they’ve bravely and tirelessly done their job, while faced with a pandemic. The Collingwood Hospital Foundation is calling on the local community to show their gratitude by making a gift to honour Collingwood’s health care professionals.

“The month of May invites us to recognize the wonderful work done by our healthcare professionals.” says Jack Marley, Board Chair of the Collingwood G&M Hospital Foundation. “By honouring them with a donation towards hospital equipment and technology, you are ensuring future patients receive the same quality of care. “

May 1st, National Doctors Day, was chosen in recognition of Dr. Emily Stowe, the first female physician to practice in Canada. National Nursing Week, the second week of May, coincides with nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale’s birthday, May 12th. The Collingwood Hospital Foundation recognizes and appreciates all of the healthcare professionals that provide outstanding care to CGMH.

Gifts made to the Foundation will help purchase a new CT scanner. This is a crucial piece of equipment that is used every single day at CGMH. The current one has been in use for 10 years now, and it is frequently breaking down and in need of constant maintenance repairs. A new CT scanner will allow Collingwood’s healthcare team to access better resolution images, finer details, and the ability to provide faster diagnoses to patients.

The Diagnostic Imaging team of Radiologists and Medical Radiation Technologists rely on the CT scanner to diagnose more than 16,000 patients every year. Whenever a physician suspects a blood clot, cancer, heart disease, internal bleeding, bone, or joint problems, they will request a CT scan.

If you would like to honour the great care delivered by your healthcare professionals, please consider making a donation to the CGMH Foundation and help your hospital get a new CT scanner. We thank you.

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