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Every Donation Makes a Difference

You may have heard that a new facility is on the horizon for Collingwood G&M Hospital (CGMH). But the horizon is the end result. Our community’s healthcare needs won’t wait until we have a new building. We can’t stop investing in this hospital, just because another one is years away.

We need your help to build a bridge between the present and the future of healthcare at CGMH. Our current fundraising campaign and highest priority at the Hospital is to raise funds for our Surgical Program.  In 2015, 4,658 surgical procedures were completed in the 3 operating rooms at CGMH.  We have the operating room space, but upgraded and additional surgical equipment is required in order to continue to provide superior care and reduce surgical wait times.

Expanding our surgical equipment expands our capabilities to care for patients with life threatening illnesses or injuries. It broadens the range of procedures and positive outcomes at CGMH. It is important to upgrade tools as surgical procedures become more sophisticated and as surgical technology advances. Collingwood has some of the finest orthopaedic, general and gynaecology surgeons in Ontario and your support helps to put the best tools in their hands.

With your help, we’ll make wise investments based on today’s needs and those of the future.  We will invest strategically in new equipment and technology, always ensuring that the purchases are portable to a new facility.  For example, patient beds, cardiac monitors and surgical tools purchased today can come with us to our future site.

You can support the patients of today, and those of tomorrow. Your impacts will be felt next hour, next week, next year, and even next decade. As we move through this process, your support will be a vital piece that ensures the quality of healthcare never waivers in the Collingwood area.

We’re Investing $1.5 Million into our Surgical Program

Equipment Price
Anaesthesia Machines (3) $480,000
Cautery Machines (4) $80,000
Dermatone $40,000
Epidural Pump $5,500
Flooring $10,000
Fluid Management System $20,000
Fracture Table $150,000
Glidescope $15,000
Hip Replacement Instruments $25,000
Hysterscope $6,000
Lap Hysterectomy Set $50,000
Laparoscopes $7,000
Laparascopic Instruments $7,500
Large Battery Drill $8,000
Mini C-Arm $87,000
Mini Power Saw & Accessories $7,000
National Surgical Quality Improvement Program $150,000
Orthopaedic Hand Instrument Set $6,000
Pasteurmatic $35,000
Ultrasound Probe $10,000
Sentinel Node Navigator & Wand $40,000
Small Cordless Drill $6,000
Sterile Dryer $25,000
Sterilizer $180,000
Sterile Instrument Baskets & Containers $3,500
Vacuum Curettage System $9,000
Wall Clocks (Operating Room) $7,500
Washer/Disinfector $65,000

Because You Helped

It’s official! A New Age of Care has arrived at the Collingwood G&M Hospital. Our community raised nearly $10 million for the most up to date and accurate diagnostic imaging equipment and technology. To truly see the difference you have made in the lives of our patients, please watch this short video: