Mike’s Story

Moving to a new community means a lot of adjustments. After recently relocating to Collingwood, Mike Doyle’s first encounter with the CGMH was for a knee replacement and he was not sure what to expect. His experience reassured him that he could expect outstanding health care at his new local hospital.

“I was so impressed with the care I received from Dr. Darryl Collings and the whole team at CGMH. It was beyond anything I expected. Everyone worked together with a smile on their face,” says Mike. “My wife and I decided that since this is our home and we don’t plan on going anywhere, it was time to step up and make a gift to the hospital.”

The staff and physicians are the heart and soul of our hospital; ours share not only a commitment to exceptional patient care, but to the community as well. That has a double meaning for Dr. Collings, who was born and raised in Stayner. Having an excellent hospital in his local region meant that he could practice cutting-edge medicine for his neighbours, friends and family.

“I was thankful for the opportunity to work in my home community as an orthopaedic surgeon,” says Dr. Collings. “The support we receive from donors like Mike Doyle means that we have the tools we need to ensure the best care for our patients.”

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