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Gratitude in Action

If you received exceptional care at the Collingwood G&M Hospital and want to say thanks, consider making a donation as a gift of gratitude. 
Your gift will be a meaningful testament to the person you choose to honour; it will also ensure more people have the opportunity to experience similar, extraordinary care.

When you make a gift...

  • A note will be sent to the person you choose to honour
  • It will help purchase new equipment for the Collingwood G&M Hospital
  • You will ensure excellent care for future patients

When you want to go beyond a thank you, giving a gift to the Collingwood G&M Hospital honours the care you received and invests in the healthcare of the community. We thank you for your support.

Give a Gift of Gratitude

We want to hear from you!

If you would like to share your story, we would love to hear from you. Grateful patient stories inspire our medical staff to continue to do what they do. They also inspire other people to donate to your hospital and impact many other patients.

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With your help, we will build a bridge between the present and the future of healthcare at CGMH. Our patient rooms require renovation to address the many infrastructure repairs, upgrades and wear-and-tear improvements necessary to maintain a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment for our patients and their families.

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