We would like to express our gratitude to all the Collingwood G&M Hospital’s patients and donors who took the time to share their stories with us.

Rita & Peter’s story

Rita was blessed to be living directly across the street from the only doctor for miles around, lucky enough to have a tiny rural type hospital practically in her backyard, while Peter & his farming family, had a hard time accessing crucial, necessary services.

We moved to Ontario in 1962, Toronto (62-64), Brampton (64-98), before retiring to Wasaga Beach, 22+ years ago. While keeping fond memories of vacation times with our young family, enjoyed at cottages near the longest fresh water beach in the world, we chose a retirement home with biking, walking, hiking trails, fresh air, wide open spaces, close proximity to airport, plus a small town hospital nearby, should we ever have an emergency!  [read more]

Elaine’s story

I am an employee at the G&M Hospital and, as expected in a community hospital, we provide care for our “loved ones” from time to time. As it happens, in the last 10 days there have been 2 of my “loved ones” through our doors; from the Emergency Room to Diagnostic Imaging to the Operating Room, into Ambulatory Care  and onto the Surgical Floor.

As an Operating Room nurse, I especially want to express the pride I feel for my skilled and caring co-workers and to thank all of our talented anaesthetists and surgeons. [read more]

Lloyd’s story

I am a patient at the Dialysis Unit of the Collingwood G&M Hospital. Next month I will complete my first year at CGMH.

This has been a year of ups and downs, but when it comes to treatment at MY dialysis unit, I could not have asked for more. The care, consideration and attention, that I have received, is beyond anything I could hoped for, in respect to my overall care. [read more]

Terry & Marilynn’s Story

Terry Reid and his wife Marilynn decided to leave their busy Toronto life behind and retire in South Georgian Bay. They now spend their days travelling the world, visiting with their 10 grandchildren, skiing in the winter and golfing in the summer. If you met them today, you would say that they are a happy and healthy couple. What you would probably never guess is that just a few months ago Terry was unexpectedly critically ill and between life and death. [read more]

Norm & Marg’s Story

The first time that Norm needed to have surgery at the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital (CGMH) was following a bad fall on the ski hill where he suffered several broken bones.

Luckily, the CGMH surgical care team specializes in orthopaedic procedures that help to stabilize patients in trauma, particularly after sports related injuries.

Norm’s second accident requiring surgery was after the “extreme sport of taking out garbage”. [read more]

A patient story – by Dr. D’Costa

As an Emergency Physician at the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital (CGMH), I am part of a team that cares for over 33,000 patients annually.  I’d like to tell you a story about something that happened in your hospital.

It was 1 o’clock in the morning and I was on duty in the Emergency Department at CGMH when a 42-year old woman came in complaining of a sudden severe headache. The extreme pain had started a few hours earlier. It happened without warning and by the time she reached the Emergency Department she was vomiting, experiencing double vision and feeling like she was going to faint. [read more]

Toby’s Story

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, my son Toby developed a very acute pain in his stomach and given he is usually a pretty tough guy, I deemed that we should go to the Emergency Department at the Collingwood G&M Hospital (CGMH) quickly for assistance.

While it appeared quite busy, within a few short minutes he was in a bed with nurses at his side. [read more]