Grateful Patient

The doctor who calms your fears when you were rushed to the Emergency Department. The physiotherapist who gets you back on your feet.

The volunteer that comforts you as they wheel you to surgery. The nurse who held your hand as you delivered your baby.

Every staff member at the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital (CGMH) has the same goal – to provide you with exceptional care.

Some Gratitude Stories

Showing Your Appreciation

Have you or a loved one received exceptional care at CGMH and are wondering how you can show your appreciation?

Please consider making a donation to your hospital in honour of the staff member who delivered great care. Your gift will be a meaningful testament to the person you choose to honour; it will also ensure more people have the opportunity to experience similar, extraordinary care.

You will receive a tax receipt for your donation to the Grateful Patient Program.

If you would like to share your grateful patient story, we would love to hear from you. Grateful patient stories inspire our medical staff to continue to do what they do. They also inspire other people to donate to your hospital, and impact many other patients.

You can choose to share your story in the comment box when you are making an online donation, or if you prefer, you can either fill out this online form, email your story to us at or write us via snail mail at:

CGMH Foundation
459 Hume Street
Collingwood, ON
L9Y 1W9

If you send it by mail, don’t forget to include your name and phone number so we can get in touch with you to say thank you.

Please note: We will send the staff members you chose to honour a thank you card acknowledging your gift. However, we will not disclose the amount of your donation.